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To Do in Athens

Many and various are the suggestions regarding entertainment and shopping, sports of any kind, or short trips to beautiful beaches or to the nearby mountains and quiet countryside.

The generally sunny and welcoming Attica knows how to welcome tourists since ancient times until today and will always be interesting to visit: Everywhere there are museums and archaeological sites of great importance which coexist with modern life, most interesting hotels of Europe, innovative art galleries, ancient and modern theaters which host major festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events etc. Countless are the restaurants, bars, nightclubs, department stores, malls, flea markets, antique shops, etc.

Athens, Attica and the rest of the Saronic Gulf provide a unified and autonomous region with special characteristics and history and the potential for further growth is endless.

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Easter in Athens' Hotels
Orthodox Easter in Athens has to offer a unique atmosphere to any visitor.
Routes around the city...
In the heart of Athens, Syntagma square is the startng point for exploring historical and commercial centre that lies at your feet. You don’t need transportation, you don’t need a car. There are infinite choices for you.
Routes around the islands
One day tour, weekend excursions or long holidays, Argosaronic Islands are ideal and a breath away from Athens.
Shopping - Entertainment
The city’s central shopping area starts in front of the Greek Parliament at Syntagma Square and the nearby streets...A walk around the shopping centre of Athens offers fantastic shopping experience!
Athenian Riviera - Beaches
Take the opportunity to swim, relax at a waterfront café, walk along the picture-perfect pedestrian streets and the marinas, exercise your favorite water sport, dine by the sea or entertain yourself in one of the coastal avenue’s buzzing clubs. Summer in the city doesn’t sound that bad after all.
Athens Marathon. The Authentic
The Marathon is more than a Race is an idea that unites the world. People come together for a lifetime experience of will-power, endurance and joy.
Talented chefs and successful restaurateurs from the world's food Meccas have entered the kitchens in Athens restaurants and changed the Greek food setting into one that can compete with many European metropolises
Goût de France - Good France 21/3/2018
Goût de France / Good France is a unique global event held on 5 continents in over 150 countries
Women's Day Celebration
Celebrate Women's Day in Athens with style & elegance!
Burnt Thursday, "Tsiknopempti" & Clean (Ash) Monday 2018 @ Athens Hotels
Enjoy traditional Greek Tsiknopempti menus and Clean Monday specialties by award winning chefs at Athens' Hotels.
Celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Day and experience an alluring atmosphere
Christmas 2016 and New Year's Eve 2017
Live like a fairy-tale …this Christmas and New Year’s Eve season. Forget the tough everyday reality just awhile. Athens’ Hotels are illuminated with five stars glow during the Christmas season.
A trip to Athens is a true experience. Even when it comes to business trips (a conference, a meeting or an exhibition), Athens is a city that not only ensures the success of the professional organization but also the pleasant stay of its travelers.
Carnival & Ash Monday 2017 in Athens' Hotels
Celebrate Thanksgiving in Athens
There is always something to be thankful for! Spend this year's Thanksgiving in Athens.
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One Day in Athens
The great thing about Athens, and Greek culture in general, is that the day is long
Three Days in Athens, Piraeus & the Athenian Riviera
Spending three full days is a great way to begin feeling part of the city. The following...
Five Days in Athens & the Argosaronic Islands
If you have five days to spend, we recommend dedicating your fifth day to the northern suburbs and the Argosaronic
Seven Days in Athens & the Argosaronic Islands
Feel free to explore Athens-Attica region and the Argosaronic Islands and discover secrets of a multidimensional destination
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