Outside the city limits lies the rest of Attica, with its own people and character, which attracts many of the city people who choose to live in the country and work in the city. The whole of Attica is a lively and interesting place that is certainly worth visiting.

In case your taste is for something completely different… 30΄away, Athens beaches are there for a swim and a drink of ouzo… There are also many archeological sites, parks, vineyards and farms on the outskirts of Athens for you to visit. Within a couple of hours’ drive there are the mountain or sea side resorts of Attica and Saronicos Bay, ideal for one-day excursions, a quiet weekend or summer vacation with your family.

For those of you who love sports and action, you may take part in excursions, sports competitions or “alternative” escapes with a group, sailing, diving and climbing, or you can even join speleological expeditions that really worth your while. If you‘re a fan of sports like riding, tennis, golf and sea sports… there’s no problem! You may even go skiing or rafting if you wish! The mountains outside Attica are within a few hours’ drive.

There is more of Athens to be seen! This is not the end of our exploration… There are many interesting spots on the way from the city centre to the outskirts, be it via the underground, the train, the tram, the bus or a cab.
Beaches of Attica are magnificent, either private or not. Many of them are awarded the “Blue Flag”. To be honest, we are not able to distinguish between them or suggest the one over the other. We are equally fond of them all!
In Attica you can climb a mountain by a funicular or a jeep; by bicycle; on foot or …even by hands (i.e. using ropes and climbing equipment).You may try exploring caves, crossing forests, fishing in lakes, rowing and glider airplane flying or parachuting…
Ship wrecks, reefs, caves, dive walls, a rich variety of aquatic life and excellent visibility (30-40m); this is the Attica’s underwater scenery! If you are lucky enough, you may dive in the company of dolphins, sea turtles or seals.
Visit some of the farms for first quality organic supplies and then enjoy an unforgettable picnic under the trees. To get there you will pass through the beautiful countryside and interesting settlements...
A closer look at the coasts of Attica reveals their unique character as they form small bays and harbours. Luxury beach hotels; organized beaches; big organized and smaller marinas; older and modern settlements; lighthouses; small country churches and the Athenians’ summer residences; all scattered like jewels along the Attica coasts.
Yes! We have lions and tigers; we even have penguins! Trouble believing it? A visit at the Attica Zoological Park in Spata will persuade you! There is also a “Dolphinarium”; a “Dinosaur City” and an “Oceanοcity”… What an impressive and educational visit, especially for the kids!
Set your mind on exploring it, starting from Piraeus…
Explore Ancient Athens...Ancient Egyptians describe Athens being a powerful…
A year ago the Breathtaking Athens launched THIS IS…
Meet modern Athens...Post-war Athens turns to more contemporary trends…
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One Day in Athens
The great thing about Athens, and Greek culture in general, is that the day is long
Three Days in Athens, Piraeus & the Athenian Riviera
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Five Days in Athens & the Argosaronic Islands
If you have five days to spend, we recommend dedicating your fifth day to the northern suburbs and the Argosaronic
Seven Days in Athens & the Argosaronic Islands
Feel free to explore Athens-Attica region and the Argosaronic Islands and discover secrets of a multidimensional destination
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