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The city’s central shopping area starts in front of the Greek Parliament at Syntagma Square and the nearby streets: Ermou, Stadiou, Panepistimiou, Voukourestiou; it includes all the narrow streets connecting the main streets and ends up at Omonia Square. There, you can find the best Greek and foreign designer clothes, jewelry, leather goods and many other goods. A walk around the shopping centre of Athens offers fantastic shopping experience!

The same goes for Kolonaki, an old aristocratic part of the city, next to Syntagma Square, with its splendor and exquisite trendy clothing suggestions. There are also numerous shops in every part of the city, selling hand made jewelry and trinkets, books, flowers, decorative material e.t.c. as long as one knows where and how to look for them. When it is time to stop for a cup of coffee or a refreshment, for a meal or just to catch one’s breath, there will always be a stylish little bistro nearby.

In case your taste is for something completely different… 30΄away, Athens beaches are there for a swim and a drink of ouzo… There are also many archeological sites, parks, vineyards and farms on the outskirts of Athens for you to visit. Within a couple of hours’ drive there are the mountain or sea side resorts of Attica and Saronicos Bay, ideal for one-day excursions, a quiet weekend or summer vacation with your family. For those of you who love sports and action, you may take part in excursions, sports competitions or “alternative” escapes with a group, sailing, diving and climbing, or you can even join speleological expeditions that really worth your while. If you‘re a fan of sports like riding, tennis, golf and sea sports… there’s no problem! You may even go skiing or rafting if you wish!

The mountains outside Attica are within a few hours’ drive. Outside the city limits lies the rest of Attica, with its own people and character, which attracts many of the city people who choose to live in the country and work in the city. The whole of Attica is a lively and interesting place that is certainly worth visiting.

 You can search for offers and best buys all around the year. Ideal time for a really “value - for - money” shopping is Sales period which is twice a year and also two midseason Sales. 

- Winter Sales: Right after Christmas Holiday during January & February 
-  Summer Sales: From July 20th till the end of August. 
- Fall midseason Sales:  first 10 days of November 
- Spring midseason Sales: first 10 days of May

We wish you a pleasant “journey to Athens -Attica, the everlasting destination”!

There is a dynamic presence of innovation and novelty in Athens. From Impressionism and Expressionism, Cubism, Dadaism or Surrealism...
It is nice wondering around in Attica, isn’t it? The sun is going down.The night in Athens, especially in the summer is long and lively! Stay a little longer and enjoy it! It ends only at the moment you decide you …really have to go to bed!
The historical and commercial city centre is the biggest attraction for thousands of tourists who visit the Greek capital each year. The area is well organized and there are no cars allowed.
There are certain venues in Athens where knowledge is blended with art, history and science and result in an intelligible outcome for adults, teenagers and especially children, who are given the chance to participate, interact and ask questions, all at the same time…
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