A trip to Athens is a true experience. Even when it comes to business trips (a conference, a meeting or an exhibition) Athens is a city that not only ensures the success of the professional organization but also the pleasant stay of its travelers.

Athens – Attica is a unique and multidimensional destination. Athens is one of Europe’s older cities, as the archaeological findings go back at Neolithic era to 3.500 b.C.

Apart from its archaeological history which is well-known around the world, as the cradle of the western civilization, Athens is a modern and vivid metropolis that has to offer to visitors/tourists a lot; more than you can imagine.

Modern Athens’ characteristics in brief:

–  Athens Riviera. Athens – Attica costal zone lays out at more of 80 km. Sandy beaches, ideal for swimming and sports (sailing, diving, cycling, etc). Marinas can host thousands of sailboats, yachts etc. Hotels, fully equipped for conferences, meetings and events.

– Athens historical and commercial centre. Enjoy the heart of the city on foot, following the complex of pedestrian streets; one of the larger in Europe. Theme routes around the city can be scheduled upon request; based on architecture, religion, traditional markets, contemporary art and folk art.

– Athens – Attica region lay among mountains and hills; with beautiful caves to explore, climbing routes and hiking routes.  Specialized tourist agencies organize action and adventure tours with trained and experienced guides, (www.hatta.gr) in Attica. There are international sports or scientific clubs where you may seek more information, such as the Greek Mountaineering Club of Athens (www.eosathinon.gr) and the Hellenic Speleological Society (www.ese.edu.gr). Visit also the General Secretariat of Sports’ website at: www.sportsnet.gr for information on Olympic sports, venues and more.

– Athens’ Islands at the Saronic Gulf. Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Aegina, Agistri, Salamina is just a breath away and easy to reach by a ferry-boat from Piraeus port (within an hour). If sailing and water-sports is your field of interest, then Saronic Gulf is ideal year-round. Regattas are often organized and you can participate or take diving lessons and other water sports. Many experienced yachting companies will offer you all the service and information you need and support you whether your vessel is crewed or not.

– Athens is an ideal destination for City Breaks. Easy to reach from any European country has multi delightful experiences to offer; any time of the year. You can schedule a cultural city break, either for archaeological tour or contemporary art tour. Also a Shopping City Break or a gastronomic one can be a relaxing and fulfilling experience.

– Many Art Festivals and Fairs are held year-round. (Cinema, theatre, photography, exhibitions, video art, fashion etc). Also Cultural organizations like Megaron (Concert Hall), National Opera, National Theatre, Onassis Cultural Centre (Stegi), Hellenic Cosmos, Planetarium (Eugenides Foundation) produce, host and present exceptional cultural and scientific shows, international performances for sophisticated art lovers and children.

– Any time of the year you can enjoy unique moments either you searching for leisure, activities, entertainment, culture, gastronomy, shopping and festivities.

– Athens-Attica hosts every year the Classic Marathon Road Race. Thousands participants run the authentic route from Marathon tomb to Panathinaiko Stadium which is one of the most difficult major marathon races.

– Athens – Attica is one of the most important conferencial destinations in Europe and considered among the first 20 worldwide. All state, tourism and city authorities are optimistic about Athens’ distinction in congress tourism. They estimate that since the construction of the Athens Metropolitan Expo, the city’s new Exhibition and Conference Centre, Athens may host successfully small, medium and even large scale conventions, in terms of attendance.

For more details on the conference -and other- potential of this destination, visit the Athens Convention Bureau official website: www.athensconventionbureau.gr while on: www.hapco.gr and www.seoes.gr you may contact directly professional experts in organizing conferences and exhibitions.

Athens – Attica Hotels Association

Athens – Attica’s hotel capacity reaches 530 units; 250 hotels operate in Athens city centre, offering a total of 24,000 beds. Athens’ hotels “greet” every year almost 2,000.000 guests. (Economic crisis did not left unharmed the hotel industry some of the above figures have diminished)

Most of Athens’ Hotels are fully renovated since 2004 Olympic Games. They also have easy access to public transport due to large scale transportation infrastructure that was built for the Olympic Games.

Athens Attica Hotels Association’s objective is to represent Athens’ Hotels in Greece (State and city authorities) and abroad. Has continued presence in attending International Tourism Fairs. Hold monthly statistics. Publish regular editions. Support actions that promote and develop the destination.

Aiming to optimize the services provided by its members, Athens – Attica Hotels Association conducts annually “Hotel Customer Satisfaction Survey” and “Hotel Performance Study”; both based on visitors opinion.

Athens – Attica Hotels Association operating in a city that has been suffering – since 2008 – from a major economic crisis couldn’t remain indifferent. Joins and contributes in social movements and actions; co-operates with major organizations and associations in promoting Athens’ tourism, culture, art, events.

Athens – Attica Hotels Association Board and all its members strongly believe tourism can be the economic sector that could help Greek economy to overcome the crisis.

We would be pleased to see you in Athens; the city that hospitality meets its meaning.

January 22, 2019


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