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Old Town Plaka – Thissio


A short walk from Syntagma sq. through the city centre for shopping may easily bring you to the old town district, where the ancient city of Athens co-exists with the modern in every moment of their history.

Shopping – Antiques – Modern art


The small retailers in the marketplace of Athens, the antique shops or the big modern art galleries have in store many handmade ornaments, rare collectors’ items and exquisite pieces of art. Paintings by great foreign artists, who transferred on canvas all the beauty inspired by the ancient treasures of Athens, are always an excellent choice.

International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”


The new airport is among the best and safestr in the world and the main aviation junction for South Eastern Europe. “Eleftherios Venizelos” has gained many awards of excellence, initiating a new era for Greek aviation.

Historical – Commercial Centre


The historical and commercial city centre is the biggest attraction for thousands of tourists who visit the Greek capital each year.

Modern History – Town


“SYNTAGMA” (Constitution) Today, the legislation of Solon and Cleisthenes or Aristotle’s view on government and state operation would serve perfectly as a constitution.

Ancient Architecture


The ancient Greek philosophers considered some notions and applications to be of divine nature. Principles like Moderation, the Golden Mean and Proportion were subjected to in depth analysis.

The Greek Alphabet


Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta… Omega… But also α=1, β=2, γ=3…ι=10, κ=20, ρ=100 and so on. Are they just simple marks on the stones? Are they letters and numbers or symbols with a meaning which defined the course of mankind?