Action tours & sports

In Attica you can climb a mountain by a funicular or a jeep; by bicycle; on foot or …even by hands (i.e. using ropes and climbing equipment). You may try exploring caves, crossing forests, fishing in lakes, rowing and glider airplane flying or parachuting…

Specialised tourist agencies organize action and adventure tours with trained and experienced guides, ( in Attica or even further in Greece. There are international sports or scientific clubs where you may seek more information, such as the Greek Mountaineering Club of Athens ( and the Hellenic Speleological Society ( Visit also the General Secretariat of Sports’ website at: for information on Olympic sports, venues and more.

For those of you who opt for milder sports activities: check out the Hellenic Riding Club at:, the Glyfada Golf Club of Athens at:, and of course, the numerous tennis clubs, basketball or volleyball courts, inside or outside your hotel premises.