Aegina Island

Island of Aegina is picturesque,   very close distanced to Athens, popular both to tourists and Athenians.  You will need approximately half an hour or an hour to get there (depends on the type of ship that you will choose, ferry boat or flying dolphin).  Apart from summertime holidays Aegina Island is a favorite destination for weekend escapes year-round, meanwhile a lot of Athenians maintain their holiday houses there. Also many artists use Aegina as their permanent house. Aegina’s inland is ideal for excursions and tours. At Aegina’s port you will see fishing boats that sell various products except for fish,   grocery etc.   Don’t leave the Island before you buy their trademark product “Fistiki” that is a local peanut with shell. In Aegina you will find numerous restaurants and taverns by the sea, crystal clear waters to swim and of course a vibrant nightlife.

A must visit archaeological site is the Temple of Athena Aphaia that was built in 480 b.C. You can also visit the Temples of Ellanios Zeus, Apollo and the site Kolona.

Aegina has many hotels, some of them are housed in beautiful neoclassical buildings.

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