Agistri Island

Agistri island looks like a small paradise inside Argosaronic gulf. Agistri stands a breath away from Aigina island and only 55 minutes by ferry from Piraeus, overgrown with trees, with two natural ports, clear blue waters for swimming and almost untouched from mass tourism.

Agistri island is a favourite destination for weekend excursions, during summertime also many Athenians choose to the small island for one day trips to enjoy the sea. As a youth favourite has a variety of spots for fun and entertainment. Agistri has two main villages, Skala and Milos, in both of them you can find hotels, taverns and cafes.

For getting around the island you can choose a bus, a taxi, a motorbike or a bicycle, island’s small tourist train or if you prefer a horse. Agistri gives tourists the opportunity of riding around the island, if they are already familiar with it and if you haven’t done it before you can also take courses during your stay.

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