Ship wrecks, reefs, caves, dive walls, a rich variety of aquatic life and excellent visibility (30-40m); this is the Attica’s underwater scenery! If you are lucky enough, you may dive in the company of dolphins, sea turtles or seals. From July to September the water temperature ranges between 25-28oC. During the coldest winter days it remains stable between 12-15oC.

There are more than 50 diving spots either from ashore or from a vessel, to cover all levels from the beginner to the expert diver. You can dive along walls to see ship wrecks, currents, reefs and small colourful caves full of marine life, as in the isle of Makronissos and cape Sounion. You may also dive to the cave at the bottom of the 30m deep natural well of Vouliagmeni, which leads to a wonderful lake through an underwater labyrinth!

The new legislation has “liberated” all seas for the free diving fans. Visiting underwater archeological sites, however, requires an authorised permit. There are 20 diving centres in Attica, fully compliant to the European diving standards and available all year round. They offer diving lessons; scuba gear rental and sale; and recreational diving around the Saronicos Bay islands for certified divers either from ashore or from a boat.