Historical – Commercial Centre

The historical and commercial city centre is the biggest attraction for thousands of tourists who visit the Greek capital each year.

The area is well organized and there are no cars allowed. Anyone, from every part of the city may catch a tram, the Metro, a bus, any other transportation or a taxi and get off at Syntagma square, Monastiraki or the Acropolis metro station. From this point on, everything comes easy: only a few yards away there is the new Acropolis Museum, the ancient theatre of Dionysus, and a little further The Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the way to Acropolis itself! Nearby there is the Ancient Agora of Athens with the impressive Stoa of Attalus and the Temple of Hephaestus (Hephaisteion) at the northern side of the Acropolis.

There, around the holy rock of the Acropolis, extends the old town of Athens with cozy old quarters like Plaka, Anafiotika and Monastiraki. These are the busiest spots any time of year. Even in the heart of winter the tables at the pavement of Adrianou Street are full of people!

Then, there is the flea market, “Yousourum” and the Abyssinia Square where there are many antique shops and old second hand book shops; cheap clothing and souvenirs. The new fashion way demands “day time” and “nocturnal” visits to Thissio and the area of Psiri, until the early morning hours of the next day, since there are gathered many restaurants, bars and night clubs of all kinds! All these sites are in a very short distance from each other; so are the nearby hills, the Panathenaic Stadium and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, allowing the visitor to see the most important monuments of Athens within a few hours.

It is also possible to combine sight seeing with shopping just to make your day simply unforgettable. Especially when it comes to shopping, dinner and having fun, Athens has plenty of suggestions …