There is more of Athens to be seen! This is not the end of our exploration…

There are many interesting spots on the way from the city centre to the outskirts, be it via the underground, the train, the tram, the bus or a cab. We suggest a short visit to Piraeus; either for shopping around the city centre or a nice meal, coffee or ice cream, for a walk by the sea side to watch the sunset or …for the nightlife, in one of the beautiful quarters of Mikrolimano, Castella, Zea Harbour and Piraiki. 

Why don’t you set off in the morning, prepared for a daily cruise around the Argosaronicos’ islands? A small rucksack will do or there is always a bathing suit, sun block and a beach towel for you to buy … Tickets? … You may book a ticket (almost) everywhere in Piraeus, to every possible destination…


The port’s ancient name was “Piraeus”. It is the same today, though during the 17th century it was “Porto Leone” or “Porto Draco”. Athens and its people have always been depending on Piraeus, they are very fond of it and many songs have been written about it.
Since the ancient times, Piraeus has always been the most important port in Greece and SE Mediterranean; and the biggest one in Europe. Information about ancient Piraeus is known to us from archaeological findings on inscriptions, ancient works around the port and shipsheds, city walls, graveyards and references by writers like Aristotle, Plato and Herodotus.
The city today is still the biggest shipping center in Greece, with a strong market, intense lifestyle, lots of museums and theatres to visit and water sports clubs you may contact.
The harbour is located at approximately 10 km distance from the centre of Athens. You may easily reach the docs where passenger ships to every Aegean destination (the Saronicos Gulf, the Dodecanese, Crete, the Cyclades and the eastern Aegean islands) are anchored next to cruise ships from all over the world.
You may search the internet for more information about the history, the quarters, the harbour and the services of Piraeus. Your search may start with the municipal website: