Poros Island

Poros is the island of serenity and romance. Poros island and the across coast of Troizina, Galatas are so close to each other so they are supposed as one part. A long sea canal runs through them creating a magnificent area. Poros is overgrown with pine trees which reach the sea, Galatas has the famous and unique lemon-tree forest, Lemonodasos, an area of more than 30.000 of lemon-trees, declared by Unesco as an area of unique natural beauty.

The beauty of Poros with the narrow pass and the across coast have impressed and have been praised by poets and authors like Kostis Palamas, Nobel prize winner Giorgos Seferis and Kosmas Politis.
Beautiful sandy beaches with pine trees generously offering their shadow to swimmers, plenty of archaeological sites, neoclassical mansions, the Old Russian Dockyard and the imposing Historic Clock up in the hill make Poros Island an ideal destination for tranquillity and endless walks around both coasts.

You can choose to get around by car, motorbike or bike, or hire a boat to trip around the coastline. You can find plenty of hospitable hotels for your stay with owners that would welcome you more like a friend visiting than a tourist. Stroll around to discover pore hidden places but don’t neglect to get up to the hill of Historic Clock. it’s a must be spot for a breathtaking view to the area.
You can also visit, the Archaeological and the Folk Museums but it would be interesting to pay a visit at Shells Museum.  ( )

There are multiple ways to reach Poros Island. By car via Athens – Korinthos National Road then driving towards Epidaurus and afterwards to Galatas. You will need just 2.30 hours from Athens to get there.
By Ferry Boat from Piraeus you will need approximately 2.30 hours. If you choose a flying dolphin though it would just take you an hour to get to the island.

At Poros Island operates a Military Navy Academy. Island’s infrastructure are sufficient to welcome numerous small vessels or mega yachts. Poros has plenty of moorings and yacht supplying stores. Every Spring is held at Poros the International Yachting Exhibition.

Poros you can be your base for daily excursions to Epidaurus, the coast of Argolida and the rest of Argosaronic Islands.

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