Salamina Island

Salamina is the birthplace of mythological hero Aias and Euripides, one of the three great tragedians of classical Athens. Salamina Island is known for the naval battle of Salamis and the victory of the Greek fleet against the Persian Empire in 480 B.C.

The ancient glory of Salamina was not utilized by modern inhabitants of the island. Is the first island though of the Saronic gulf and the most close to Athens,   only half an hour from Piraeus port.   Salamina is not quite a touristic destination but many Athenians hold their summer houses there.  You can rent a house for summer season or visit for a day trip. During summertime you can enjoy swimming, dining and fun day and night.

By a car or a motor bike or a boat you can explore interesting aspects of Salamina, for trekking, fishing, swimming. You will come across cute little taverns and old monasteries.

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