Traditional professions – City Markets

Traditional professions date a long time back and produce impressive, mostly handmade, pieces of art.

Goldsmiths and silversmiths, potters, weavers, marble and wood sculptors, and tanners inspired by nature, religion and everyday life, have been creating small miracles for centuries. The most extraordinary works, manufactured and “played” in an absolutely traditional manner are the Greek theatre shadow puppets. “Karagiozis”, the leading character, represents the poor but smart Greek during the Ottoman era; generations of Greek children have been entertained and taught how to be optimistic and good-humoured in hardship by traditional shadow plays.

Many artists and organizations promote the artistic professions that have been supplanted by technology and the modern way of life. The visiting of the city market and the exhibitions of popular art of all different times is proven an interesting experience.

You may discover ancient-like leather sandals for problem-free walking, decorative embroidery and needlework and even the latest haute couture creations – all in rock-bottom-prices…!