Festival & Events at Argosaronic Islands

Festival & Events at Argosaronic Islands

Aegina Fistiki Fest

Aegina Fistiki Fest is an anuual festival that is held every September. Combines Aegina’s island exceptional product with cultural events and an agricultural exhibition. Aegina’s peanut with shell (Fistiki ) is a designated product and its festival spreads all around the island with visual, musical, theatrical and gastronomy events. Aegina’s island is a breath away from Athens and it can be easily visited for an enjoyable city-break savouring “fistiki”, swimming, visiting archaeological sites and various spots of interest and of course partying all night.

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“Miaoulia” at Hydra island

’’Miaoulia” is an annual naval festival at Hydra island at the end of June. It’s a 3days fest dedicated to Andreas Miaoulis, a fighter for freedom of Greek State against the Turks (1821-1827). Miaoulia Fest includes musical events, presentation of traditional dances, athletic competitions and a spectacular fireworks show at Hydra’s harbour on the closing night. “Miaoulia” attracts the attention of yachts’ owners. During the Fest you’ll see at Hydra’s harbour dozens of yachts, sailboats etc…
Hydra island is favourite among artists, painters, poets, writers, musicians, many of which chose Hydra for a temporary residence.
Prestigious, picturesque and cosmopolitan the same time Hydra is favourite destination for city-breaks. Charming year- round and easily reachable from Piraeus port Hydra is ideal even for a day trip.

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“Armata” at Spetses island

“Armata” Fest is the major event for Spetses island. “Armata” is a representation of the burning of Turkish flagship back on 1822 from Greek fighters for freedom. It is held on the second weekend of September. Cultural and religious events last a week preparing the visitors for the spectacular closing event of representing the naval battle in Spetses’ harbour and the burning of Turkish flagship among thousands of fireworks, music and horns of dozens of yachts that arrive every year to Spetses for the event.
Spetses however is a favourite yachts and sailboats destination. It has two harbours, with all the facilities they need, is close to Piraeus and kept a cosmopolitan allure of old times. Spetses island is full of pine trees, old prestigious estates, old shipyards and a vivid nightlife. Near Spetses is one of the most known private Greek island “Spetsopoula” the private island of Niarchos shipping family.

For more information: www.spetses.gr

For more events information at Spetses island: www.poseidonion.com/en/island-s-events

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