“The Christmas Factory” Technopolis 28 November 2014 – 6 January 2015

“The Christmas Factory” Technopolis 28 November 2014 – 6 January 2015


 The Christmas Factory

 28 November – 6 January

Open Daily: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm
 Twice upon a time in the center of Athens are being constructed the most magical Christmas in the world. The beautiful area of Technopolis City of Athens in Gazi transforms for the second consecutive year in the biggest and most fairytale factory of Christmas, the Christmas Factory!!! 
From the 28th of November up to the 6th of January the top, holding all the European Standards, theme park sets in Technopolis, along with Santa Claus’s assistants. in person, with playful elves and a lot of fantasy to offer the Christmas magic and to embrace the thousands of young and older guests who arrive from every corner of Greece as well as from abroad!
This year the Christmas Factory becomes larger and opens its gates 10 days earlier. For 6 ½ weeks will fill all the areas of Technopolis with various events, activities and educational workshops while creates also new spaces of hospitality.
The theatre occupies a distinct place at this year’s Christmas’ factory. Every day the wonderful play of Oscar Wilde "Selfish Giant" gives 2 performances in the morning, while in the weekend afternoons 6 different theatrical performances.
Music will be honored as well! All the visitors will have the chance to enjoy well known groups and artists that will come to the Christmas Factory with a special schedule for Christmas.
This year’s Christmas Factory is richer and more spectacular than ever but the entrance ticket remains low. 
With 5 euros (per person) the visitor has the possibility to take part in 8 free activities. And of course the options in the Christmas Factory are a lot and original as long as you let yourself in magic and let your fantasy free!
Santa Claus with his five official assistants, special and original characters, allpermanent residents of the Christmas Factory, will wait young and older to entertain them with their unique story and their special role in the factory.
Toys, sweets, tricks, songs, awards will be abundant for everyone in the Santa’s House, the Toys Factory, the Digital Christmas, the Sweet Factory, the Ice Rink, the Carousel, the Train, the Wheel, the Slides and all, but all will be realized with the care and the fun of these imaginative heroes.
Mandrakoukos the Chiefgargle, Charlie the Toymaster, Depasta Licorice, Tatziz and Jazz Electronium, Mrs. Claus, will be hosts of the biggest celebration of the year and of the Christmas Factory. And as you may have heard they already are in Athens as Santa Claus’s sled fell 10 days ago on our city and since then his 5 assistants, scattered in five different neighborhoods of the city, are searching a way to arrive at Gazi to make the most magic Christmas ever!… And somehow like this the Christmas Factory makes its own fairytale and invites us all for a few days to be children, to let ourselves in the magic of the time and to believe in miracles.
 Let’s welcome these holidays with the most elegant and at the same time the most fairytale way. Let’s make together the most magical Christmas of the world, because simply the magic is up to us!
The Christmas Factory
Technopolis City of Athens | 100, Pireos str.
Opening days: 28 November 2014 – 6 January 2015
Opening hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm
Ticket: 5 euros


Nov 26 2014


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