“Helen” by Euripides 4,11,26/7 & 22/8/2012 Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

“Helen” by Euripides 4,11,26/7 & 22/8/2012 Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Ancient Drama

4, 11, 26 July & 22 August at 12:00

Directed by Aris Michopoulos
With surtitles in Russian & English

Duration: 90 minutes

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, the Greek Cultural Center in Moscow and the tourist agent Golden Travel, in cooperation with the Theatre Company THE OTHER SIDE (H ALLI PLEVRA), that conducts studies, researc
h and gives live performances on scene, of ancient drama plays since 2001, present during the summer months July and August, for a few performances, on 4,11, 26 July and on 22 August, Eleni by Euripides directed by Aris Michopoulos, in the theatre of Michael Cacopyanni Foundation with Russian and English surtitles.

The myth
Eleni in Euripides tragedy is in Egypt for many years already, in the palace of Proteus, after whose death his son and successor Theoklymenos, persists despite her refusal to marry her. In the prologue Eleni who sat suppliant by the grave of Proteus, she now stands up and presents herself to the audience in order to explain the reason of her presence in Egypt and her recourse at the Proteus Grave. She recounts her origin by saying that she is Tyndareo’s and Lyda’s daughter, but without excluding the case to be Zeus’ daughter, who is rumoured to have approached amorously her mother in the form of a swan.

So her calamities start from the victory of Venus during the judgment of beauty, when Venus in order to ensure her election from Paris she promised as his reward his marriage to Eleni. But Hera angry about her defeat, she creates a model (idol) made of cloud which Paris will take with him, thinking he kidnaps Eleni. Zeus sent Eleni in Egypt by Hermes to live in Proteus palace, while waiting for her husband Menelaus to return from war.

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