Impressions of Greece Exhibition Pascaline Bossu 12/5 – 12/6 Museum Herakleidon Annex

Impressions of Greece Exhibition Pascaline Bossu 12/5 – 12/6 Museum Herakleidon Annex


Pascaline Bossu 
Sketches, Paintings, Photographies
Impressions of Greece
May, 12th- June 12th 2016
Museum Herakleidon Annex (37 Apostolou Pavlou Str, Thissio)
The exhibition presents sketches, paintings and photographies of the French visual artist Pascaline Bossu who lives and works in Athens since 2000. Pascaline Bossu speaks of double identity and the ability to meld in a culture that is different from one’s own.
The artist uses her art to meld with a new culture. Dealing with double identity, she also uses complementary techniques: the hand painted photograph and painting inspired by photographs, resulting in a back and forth movement, a mirror effect between Greece and France, between painting and photography, between the lack of identity of carnival masks and the sublime face found in a costume. 
The exhibition begins with a series of landscapes, a first visual impression, a sensory experience during which the artist immerses herself in the natural Greek environment.  Pascaline Bossu observes and makes the Greek landscape her own, as a decoration resembling the background found in the photographs taken in studios of the 19th century. Also inspired by the landscapes in sanguine of the Renaissance, her works are imbued with Greek nature so as to better express the link between humans and their environment. 
Furthermore, Pascaline Bossu researches the various regions, their traditions, dances and costumes: By painting the principal members of her French family in traditional Greek costumes, the artist gives a new personality to each relative to Greek culture, but  also gives a nod to the French artists who fervently defended the Greek cause during the war of independence
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