ROOM18 – The new urban hotel Exhibition Benaki Museum

ROOM18 – The new urban hotel Exhibition Benaki Museum

 The new urban hotel

Benaki Museum – 138 Peiraios St
Duration: 19.11 – 4.12.2016 
What would a hotel room inspired by the Elysian Fields look like? A room / corridor adapted to the moods of the traveller? A sleeping-space in a hovering box of dreams?  
Three pioneering rooms in their actual dimensions and a further 262 proposals presented at the original Room18 exhibition
The DOMES International Architectural Review and the Benaki Museum, as a follow-up of the Room18 PanEuropean Design Competition on the subject of a 18m2 room in a Greek urban hotel, are holding the Room18 exhibition, at which they will present 262 new proposals, by 582 creative artists, from 17 countries. The exhibition is held at the Benaki Museum, 138 Peiraios St, in a 500m2 space, from 18 November to 4 December.
The exhibition will display in their actual dimensions (scale 1:1) the three prize-winning rooms in the Room18 Competition, as imagined and designed by  Leonidas Papalambropoulos (1st Prize – Greece), João Prates Ruivo (2nd Prize – Portugal), and Sara Navazo Saez De Arregui & Edorta Larizgoitia Andueza (3rd Prize – Spain). Visitors will be able to tour the rooms and enjoy an experience which ignores the conventional limits as it focuses on the concept of a stay within them as a distinct structure which generates feelings and insights.
The exhibition takes place within the framework of the presentation, in the form of A1 panels (60x85cm), of the 262 entries in the Room18 PanEuropean Competition.
The aim of the Room18 exhibition is the presentation of ideas which will re-think the prevailing givens in the architecture of hospitality, focusing on the needs of the contemporary traveler. 
After the conclusion of the exhibition, the special Room18 volume will be published, which will give a detailed account of the three prize-winning rooms and of what, in the judgement of the committee, are the 100 best proposals.
BENAKI MUSEUM – PEIRAIOS BUILDING I 138 Peiraios & Andronikou Sts I 210 3453111 I Opening hours: Thursday, Sunday: 10.00-18.00, Friday, Saturday: 10.00-22.00, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: closed

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