Poseidonion Grand Spetses Island “Tweed Run” April 21-23, 2017

Poseidonion Grand Spetses Island “Tweed Run” April 21-23, 2017

The Tweed Run arrives in Spetses for the fourth time from 21-23 April 2017
After three very successful Tweed Runs, the much loved spring ride returns to Spetses again from 21-23 April 2017. With the iconic Poseidonion Grand Hotel as the starting point, the majestic island of the Argosaronic Gulf will once again be full of bicycles and elegantly dressed vintage cyclists who will set off to explore every corner of Spetses to discover the beauty of the ‘island of aromas’ at the most wonderful time of the year. 
The event originally began in London and then spread to New York and Tokyo, arriving in Greece for the first time in November 2014 within the framework of the 100th anniversary of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. The Run became an instant favourite with the locals of Spetses and its visitors. The classic British style is a perfect match for the aristocratic character of the island and the aesthetic of the hotel, which is reminiscent of the French Riviera. The Greek Tweed Run has acquired its own distinct identity, with the unique combination of its English influence and the local traditions. 
Cyclists dressed in vintage clothing, with the emphasis on tweed, mount their antique bikes and set off on a journey into the past as they take in the beauty of the island. Everyone joins together to en-joy moments of relaxation while enjoying the Spetsian scenery. Cycle rides next to the horse and carriages, picnics with a view of the Argosaronic to the sound of jazz, stops for tea with an air of the English countryside, pageants for the most well-dressed appearances and prizes for the best bikes, races and treasure hunts amongst the historic monuments of Spetses, plus leg-pulling among friends and smiling faces, are all part of the three day event, which culminates in a huge party in the Poseidonion lobby that recalls the music and dancing of yesteryear. 
The British clothing company Barbour is the sponsor for the 4th Tweed Run, as was the case last year. Manufacturing clothes for over a century, the company is synonymous with English elegance and complements perfectly the style of the event, which is of English origin, as well as the cosmo-politan, aristocratic style of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel and Spetses.
On the 21 April we will all be pedalling to the Poseidonion Square to announce the start of a unique weekend! Choosing our favourite vintage pieces, polishing our bike wheels and wearing our best smile, we await you  all for the wonderful Tweed Run!


Mar 27 2017


12:00 am - 12:00 am