Products – Vineyards and Countryside

31.2% of Attica is lowlands, 7.2% highlands and the rest is in between. Northeastern Attica is mostly covered with olive trees, vineyards, fruit trees and vegetable gardens of all kinds; pine and fir forests cover the highlands. You may seek “alternative” destinations at: www.agrotravel.gr. Visit some of the farms for first quality organic supplies and then enjoy an unforgettable picnic under the trees…

To get there you will pass through the beautiful countryside and interesting settlements. In the greater Mesogeia region, which is traditionally dominated by vineyards, the ancient inhabitants used to worship Dionysus. Lively wine festivals are still quite common, preserving the local tradition and customs. You may discover vineyards and traditional wineries using wine pressing means of great historical value (www.enoaa.gr). There, you can buy standarised or bulk “Retsina” or “Aretsinoto” (pine resin-free), semi-sweet, rose or dry wine. “Retsina” is a special Attica product. It was discovered when people of Attica added pine bark peel into white wine to preserve it. It is best served with appetizers.