Seek Argosaronicos Bay …especially in the summertime!

Set your mind on exploring it, starting from Piraeus by ferry; there are many routes every day, to and from the islands and the other harbours of Attica (Zea, Flisvos, Kalamaki, Alimos, Agios Kosmas, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Lavrion). If your plan does not include a vacation, you may choose between a sailboat, a luxurious yacht or a speedboat for a one or two-days tour around the Argosaronicos’ islands.

As you will see, the islands are picturesque, with beautiful waters clear for swimming, calm enough for sailing, ideal winds for water sports, memorable fresh fish dishes and exquisite sea food, nightlife and fun until dawn, all in reasonable prices!

Each one of the islands has earned its own special place and played a leading role in ancient as well as in modern history. Many great sea men, navy leaders and artists were born there. You will be impressed by the ancient temples, Byzantine churches, museums, the fishermen villages, the unique traditional architecture and the narrow streets full of flowers hanging from the balconies. Enjoy unforgettable rides by bicycle, water taxi, carriage or a donkey around the countryside and the delicious local products. Different pictures, sounds, scents and tastes depend on the means of transportation of your choice. 

If by boat, you can reach the resorts on the nearby coasts of the Peloponnese, e.g. Epidaurus for a summer performance at the famous ancient theatre. On your way you will have the chance to enjoy swimming, fishing or dive to explore old ship wrecks in the colourful underwater world. The weather will probably be ideal on your getaway, since the wind shall not exceed 4-5 Beaufort and the destinations are 15-50 nautical miles far from Piraeus.

Greater Attica includes islands like Salamis, Agistri, Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses; the Ionian islands Kythira and Antikythira at a distance longer than 50 nautical miles and the areas of Methana and Troizina on the northeast coast of the Peloponnese.

When you anchor in small marinas there are independent salesmen for supplies, water and electricity, fuel, taverns to eat, retailers for shopping and night clubs. Regattas are often organized and you can participate or take diving lessons and other water sports. Many experienced yachting companies will offer you all the service and information you need and support you whether your vessel is crewed or not.

Check the internet by typing “Argosaronicos” or the name of each island and you will find websites with historical and other useful information, travel guides, maps, photos, yachting services and tourist agencies. Visit www.olp.gr for information about the port and ferry timetables. Contact the Nautical Club of Greece at: www.ycg.gr or pay them a visit for more information on their conditions, competitions and activities; then take the opportunity to walk or enjoy a meal at Mikrolimano.