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This Is Athens

Explore Athens in a PhotoStream of more than 5.000 photos A year ago the Breathtaking Athens launched THIS IS ATHENS ( the biggest online photo album showcasing our city. The initiative was so successful that it’s back – with a twist. THIS IS MY ATHENS is a visitors’ greeter program designed to give you the

Modern Athens

Meet modern Athens…Post-war Athens turns to more contemporary trends and mimics the architecture and aesthetics of the big Western metropolis.

Ecotourism Athens

Somewhere between Greek mythology and philosophy, the area of Attica (Attiki in Greek), which holds today’s cities of Athens and Piraeus but also numerous splendid attractions and serene hamlets, was dubbed as the best place on earth to live in. Indeed many Athenians consider themselves lucky to be living in this city and most expatriates


Outside the city limits lies the rest of Attica, with its own people and character, which attracts many of the city people who choose to live in the country and work in the city. The whole of Attica is a lively and interesting place that is certainly worth visiting. In case your taste is for

Ancient Athens

Explore Ancient Athens…Ancient Egyptians who describe Athens being a powerful city since 9,600 B.C. Nobody can tell when exactly the city of Athens acquired its name or how long its history is. explore


Seek Argosaronicos Bay …especially in the summertime! Set your mind on exploring it, starting from Piraeus by ferry; there are many routes every day, to and from the islands and the other harbours of Attica (Zea, Flisvos, Kalamaki, Alimos, Agios Kosmas, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Lavrion). If your plan does not include a vacation, you may