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Attica Zoological Park – Green Spaces


Yes! We have lions and tigers; we even have penguins! Trouble believing it? A visit at the Attica Zoological Park ( in Spata will persuade you! There is also a “Dolphinarium”; a “Dinosaur City” and an “Oceanοcity”… What an impressive and educational visit, especially for the kids!

Coasts and Relief map


A closer look at the coasts of Attica reveals their unique character as they form small bays and harbours. Luxury beach hotels; organized beaches; big organized and smaller marinas; older and modern settlements; lighthouses; small country churches and the Athenians’ summer residences; all scattered like jewels along the Attica coasts.

Products – Vineyards and Countryside


31.2% of Attica is lowlands, 7.2% highlands and the rest is in between. Northeastern Attica is mostly covered with olive trees, vineyards, fruit trees and vegetable gardens of all kinds; pine and fir forests cover the highlands. You may seek “alternative” destinations at:



Ship wrecks, reefs, caves, dive walls, a rich variety of aquatic life and excellent visibility (30-40m); this is the Attica’s underwater scenery! If you are lucky enough, you may dive in the company of dolphins, sea turtles or seals. From July to September the water temperature ranges between 25-28oC. During the coldest winter days it

Action tours & sports


In Attica you can climb a mountain by a funicular or a jeep; by bicycle; on foot or …even by hands (i.e. using ropes and climbing equipment). You may try exploring caves, crossing forests, fishing in lakes, rowing and glider airplane flying or parachuting…

Beaches – Blue Flag awards


Attica features both an east and west coast. Athenian Riviera runs the southwest part counting from Floisvos to Sounio 70km.



There is more of Athens to be seen! This is not the end of our exploration… There are many interesting spots on the way from the city centre to the outskirts, be it via the underground, the train, the tram, the bus or a cab. We suggest a short visit to Piraeus; either for shopping