Experience Category:Routes around the islands

Spetses Island


Spetses is the “aromatic” island of the Saronic gulf due to plenty pine trees and aromatic herds.  Spetses has great history in Greek Revolution 1821 against the Ottoman Empire, participating with numerous battle ships, men and money. Spetses Island attracts every year thousands of tourists, locals say “once you’ve been to Spetses, you seek to

Hydra Island


Hydra is the Island of  Admirals and Artists. Looking like a rock inside the Saronic gulf has been a magnet for tourists since 1950. Hydra remains unique and still has fanatic friends around the world, keeps the cosmopolitan allure of the past companied with modern facilities. You can reach Hydra in an hour and a

Poros Island


Poros is the island of serenity and romance. Poros island and the across coast of Troizina, Galatas are so close to each other so they are supposed as one part. A long sea canal runs through them creating a magnificent area. Poros is overgrown with pine trees which reach the sea, Galatas has the famous

Aegina Island


Island of Aegina is picturesque,   very close distanced to Athens, popular both to tourists and Athenians.  You will need approximately half an hour or an hour to get there (depends on the type of ship that you will choose, ferry boat or flying dolphin).  Apart from summertime holidays Aegina Island is a favorite destination for

Agistri Island


Agistri island looks like a small paradise inside Argosaronic gulf. Agistri stands a breath away from Aigina island and only 55 minutes by ferry from Piraeus, overgrown with trees, with two natural ports, clear blue waters for swimming and almost untouched from mass tourism. Agistri island is a favourite destination for weekend excursions, during summertime



Methana is a picturesque peninsula of the east coast of Peloponnese close to Poros island, famous for its thermal spa due to a volcano. Untouched natural environment, deep blue sea, therapeutic spring waters, Methana offer to visitors serenity, revitalisation, revival of senses. Apart from walks by the sea and the narrow strip of land that

Salamina Island


Salamina is the birthplace of mythological hero Aias and Euripides, one of the three great tragedians of classical Athens. Salamina Island is known for the naval battle of Salamis and the victory of the Greek fleet against the Persian Empire in 480 B.C. The ancient glory of Salamina was not utilized by modern inhabitants of